Email Marketing Services

The direct sending of a commercial message to multiple people through E-Mail for the motive of marketing is known as ‘email marketing services’. It is the easy yet astounding blend of mail to marketing and is the result of the pace of innovation and right use of trending resources. Unlike spam, the email marketing reaches the audience interested in your business’ area of adroitness. This is the best merchandising technique which is prevalent all around the globe and is constantly expanding the concept of product differentiation and diversification of the enterprise.

Email marketing is an incredible way to burgeon the customer outreach intending to ameliorate the business. While increasing the customer loyalty, it solely spreads brand awareness with the purpose of enhancing the business-customer relationships by bridging the bonding of trust among them. Going with a famous phrase ‘Old is Gold’, the old-fashioned Email marketing is taking over some fashionable venues which seem to be tempting trends but fail miserably.

As Email marketing is viable through different types of emails such as Mobile Email, Transactional Email and Direct email marketing services, etc. it makes it easy for the businesses to choose their cup of tea and employ the one which they feel is needed by their company and venture. The legal requirement is requisite for the countries like Pakistan. However, these legal requirements are pivotal and quite essential in order to prevent any unsolicited electronic messages.

Hence, in short, it can be understood that whether it is distribution, action, voice-up, or driving outreach, Email Marketing does it all and it’s applicable to the businesses large and small to lead in the path of success, prosperity and integrity!

SMS Marketing Services

SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE (SMS) is a part of text messaging service of component of web, mobile, phone communication systems. Standardized communication protocols to allow fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages.

It has worldwide use in the form of sms for the user activity. It is also employed in direct marketing called as sms marketing services. It account for almost 50% of all the revenue generated by mobile messaging. SMS originated from radio telegraphy in radio memo papers using standardized phone protocols. In 1985, they were the part of the Global System for mobile communications (GSM) series of standards as a means of sending messages of up to 160 characters to and from GSM mobile handsets. The services have been expanded to include other mobile technologies, such as ANCI CDMA network, Digital AMPS as well as satellite and landline networks.

SMS at the end of 2010, approx. 80% of all mobile phone subscribers were widely used it as data application. Global SMS messaging business was over USD 100 billion. SMS gateway providers facilitate SMS traffic between businesses and mobile subscribers including content delivery and entertainment services involving SMS e.g. TV voting but because of misuse of the gateway the services have been banned by the various countries. The SMS service has been slowly superseded by the GPRS owning to their lower overall cost. The sms marketing services have been used for the marketing purposes for maximum benefit and are also cost effective. It has millions of users worldwide and is regarded as a great tool for marketing campaigns, brand positioning, products and services promotions etc.

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